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Here is one of the babies peeking under the mother.

Momikai is giving some special attention to one of the cows. Each cow has their own personality. Some like more attention than others. This is one of ours who likes lots of attention.

The cows are waiting to be moved to fresh grass. They can be moved many times a day.

Cows eating fresh grass. The grass is almost as tall as the baby standing beside the mother.

One of the new babies. She is just a few days old here.

This is a picture looking out a side door of the house. The dog, Ikaika, the cat, George, and the rooster all like to sleep on the porch. All the animals get along very well.

Chickens roaming. They like to eat grass and bugs.

The cows grazing at distance.

Chickens roaming.

Calves looking over the porch of the house. We'll let the cows graze the yard for about an hour or so. They like to wonder around.

The cows are eating in a new pasture. You can see the fences in the background for the roatational grazing system. They get moved to new grass many times a day. Sometimes 5-7 times a day. They are so excited to go to new grass. 

Ikaika and her puppy Ipo.