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Here's what other's are saying:

We made a bolognese sauce using your ground beef and it was amazing!  My husband (a King William native) must have told me he loved it about a hundred times.  When I told him it was Pampatike Hill Farm beef he said... "Ahh... I thought it tasted like home!"                               Thanks again!                                                                                                                         The Rogers Family

We thought your version of the grass fed beef was the best we've had yet. In addition to the taste being as good as any beef I've cooked, we were also pleased with the big selection of cuts you have.
The Clarke Family

I can't tell you how good Pampatike Hill Farm has been for me! I was vegetarian for over 13 years, mostly to avoid the horrors of factory farming. I had known all the benefits of grass fed/finished beef through my work with animals, but it took alot for me to decide to eat meat again. The family at Pampatike Hill Farm were nothing less than fantastic in helping me through understanding how their cattle were raised and fed, and answered every question I as a nervous vegetarian could have. They made me fell very comfortable about deciding to eat meat again.

For me, eating quality meat meant cutting out soy products and other processed foods that were meant to supplement my protein intake as vegetarian. Rather than eating tofu or other namebrand meat-imitation products, I ate quality meats that were raised naturally and humanely. While it was my intention to eat healthier, I didn't realize in the process i would lose over 50 pounds and rid myself of the gallstones that had been plaguing me for years! My body responded to the change in diet and I couldn't be happier.

I'm so thankful for Pampatike Hill Farm for being so understanding of a newly-omnivores situation, and for having such a quality product. I'm a customer for life!